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Potsdamer Platz  

Before the Second World War, Potsdamer and the adjacent Leipziger Platz were the bustling center of the city. Two terminal stations, countless shops and department stores, theaters and cinemas made the area the pulse of the city, so that in order to regulate the hustle and bustle a bit, Europe's first traffic light also had to be set up here. Between 1945 and the fall of the Wall, a completely different picture emerged: the wall led directly over Potsdamer Platz, all around was a death strip and no man's land. After 1989, the motto was to breathe life back into the wasteland in the heart of the city. Sony and Daimler Benz built the area with three skyscrapers, countless shops and important premiere cinemas. Especially today, Potsdamer Platz is the location of Berlin's stars and starlets - and not just during the film festival.

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